Kraftwerk: The Industrial Lars?

Swedish synth duo Audio Objekt‘s cover of Kraftwerk‘s “Computer World” has been banned by Kraftwerk‘s publishing representative in Germany. As a result the single has been taken out of distribution, physically and digitally. Audio Objekt has also been forced to remove all audio files from web site, Myspace, YouTube page, as well as their Facebook profile.

Next to the “Computer World” song, the album also included the single “Modellen“, a Swedish translation of “Das Model”. Krafwerk has always kept a very keen eye on the covers that are being released. Yet unlike other bands, they do not automatically allow covers to be made. In the past also the “Krafty Move” album fell under the spell of Kraftwerk and was yanked. (Except on Ebay!)

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Individual Totem – "Mothfly" Limited Edition Album!

Out on ArtOfFact since last year and now also for the European market since March 7th is Individual Totem‘s new album “Mothfly“. The album is the first physical Individual Totem studio album in 10 years.

Mothfly” is an extremely limited edition album that includes the “WWW” remix album featuring reworks by Flesh Field and Gridlock. Individual Totem is made up of two electronic music pioneers; Bernd Madl and Mathias Knopp.

The duo began making music in the early 90’s and released their home produced album “Aspects of Theories and Reality” back in 1994. After releasing this album, the band was able to sign up with Off Beat Records in Europe and Pendragon which is located in the U.S.A. They later released the two CD’s: “S.E.T.I.” in 1996 and later on in 1997 ,”Mind Sculptures Flesh“. The band has previously released the “WWW” album digitally near the end of 2007.

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Step Back and Enjoy The Sounds of The Past

It’s always interesting when you go through your library of your music collection and find a song that you either forgot about or can’t recall hearing but yet, you still have the song. Kind of feels like a new release from the band (even though at times the band could be broken up). Recently going through the plethora of songs from K.M.F.D.M. I found a song called “The Problem”.

This song is quite the gem, and if you have never heard of it, it can be found of the bands “Angst” album. It has a lip biting background beat fused with a beautiful piano and dust guitar playing along. Then what sums it all up is the gorgeous voice of the singer, singing about a court date and well.. anger. (Go figure).

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Welle:Erdball Goes Pink?!

Out via Synthetic Symphony on April 25th is a brand new 7″ by Germany’s best known active industrial act Welle:Erdball. “Ich bin aus Plastik” is released as a high quality limited 7″ single in PINK Vinyl. (I doubt anyone who knows and has listened to this band before is shocked that the 7″ is pink…)

The 7″ contains a total of 3 songs (lammmmme), including the exclusive “0173-1923954” and a new cover-version of Kraftwerk‘s classic “Die Roboter“. Both bonus-tracks will not be included in the upcoming Welle: Erdball MCD “Ich bin aus Plastik“. The 7” package also contains a postcard – hand-signed by all Welle:Erdball members as well as a spraying template with the Welle:Erdball logo. Finally a personal invitation for the upcoming “Operation Zeitsturm” Tour will be included! How’s that for incentive… then again… you would have a pink vinyl.

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"Summer Darkness" Update!

The organization of the Dutch underground lifestyle event “Summer Darkness” has announced the addition of Within Temptation, Das Ich, The Frozen Autumn and Sol Invictus to their line-up. “Summer Darkness” is scheduled for the 6-10th on August of this year!

“SUMMER DARKNESS” is having the underground lifestyle weekend, over in the European side of the world (great for them, horrid for me)

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Random Expressions To The Industrial Genre

Sitting back and listening to a few artists that have incorporated classical instruments into their music seems to always amaze. Emilie Autumn is astounding when she lets loose on her custom violin, or when Shadows in The Dark doesn’t say a word and bedazzles people with just a piano.

A friend recently sent me a song by Within Temptation called “Running Up That Hill”. Now WHERE have I heard that song from..? oh yeah..

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New Band? Who Really Knows.

I haven’t heard of these mates before but I found this article and figured it should be shared. Check out their myspace and tell me what you think!

Greek Band Arkane presents the debut album “Enraptured serene mesmerism“, focusing exclusively on the dark symphonic neo-classical idiom characterized by an intense soundtrack-ish atmosphere that emphasizes on the entrancing, mesmerizing aesthetics of seduction!

As for me, I’ll have to see what else they come up with before I can really give a good review (or not) on this upcoming Greek band.

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